Our Clubrooms have recently been extended. The original floor area was in the region of 3,500 sq. ft. - it is now nearer 4,500 sq. ft.

This enables us to either construct larger or more layouts. This was required in order to satisfy the requirements of the various club sections.

This makes the Huddersfield Railway Modellers clubrooms one of the largest in the country. Click here for a general view of just one side of our clubrooms. 'Back' to return here.

Naturally, most of our 4,500 sq. ft. of space is occupied by layouts, or layouts under construction. In addition, we have a workshop area, a meeting room, a library, a well-equipped kitchen (including a dishwasher) and men's and ladies toilets. See the columns on the right.

The Meeting Room.

This is used for having tea/coffee and biscuits during the evenings when we are open. It is also used for talks, film shows, general discussions and our AGM, which is held in November.

It is equipped with up-to-date projection equipment using a large screen at one end.

Next door is the kitchen.

The photo below shows a model (!!) of our clubrooms. This is used to determine what will fit where, and how we might make better use of the space we have. Click on any photo to enlarge, then 'back' to get back here.
The Kitchen.

There is a hot water boiler for making tea and coffee - model-making is a thirsty job! A selection of snack items is also generally available.

The dishwasher takes care of all the cups afterwards - we don't want to be distracted from modelling for too long!


As of Spring 2015, the Club has the following layouts either completed, or in progress.

See more detail via the 'Sections' tab above.


The Library.

We have a comprehensive library of railway books and magazines. These can be referred to, or borrowed for a time if required.

A photocopier adds flexibility to our collection if you need just a page or two to refer to.

Complete, functioning layouts.

Hebden Bridge - 4mm scale.

Springfield Junction - 4mm scale; DCC

Lydgate - 7mm scale.

Nant Mawr - 16mm scale; Live Steam

Layouts in progress:

Millsbridge - 2mm scale; well progressed.

Wellington Road - 4mm scale; track-laying stage.

Weybridge-on-sea - 4mm scale; track-laying stage.

As Yet Un-named - 7mm scale; track-laying and scenics stage.

The Toilets.

Come in handy on occasion! 'Nuff said.

The club has a set of barriers - enough to barrier off all the layouts at a fairly large exhibition. We use these at our own exhibition, obviously, but we also hire these out to other clubs for use at theirs when required. Please email the contact address above for more information.

  The Workshop area.

A selection of commonly used tools are available.

Instruction in the safe use of some of the more hazardous equipment is provided.